Drupal Still Relevant? Drupal Only Gets Better!

01 October, 2023
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Questions about Drupal's relevance in 2023 arise as the online sphere changes. With new content management systems (CMS) emerging and the allure of user-friendly platforms, many wonder if Drupal, with its two-decade history, still maintains its significance. However, going through the analytics, data, and real-world expertise, Debug Academy reveals that Drupal remains a robust and viable choice.

Despite Drupal's learning curve, it offers unparalleled customisation and scalability, making it the preferred option for businesses seeking robust, secure, and highly customised web solutions. Notable organisations such as NASA, the University of Oxford, Tesla, and NBC Sports continue to trust Drupal for their digital needs, reaffirming its enduring relevance.

Drupal's commitment to innovation is evident in recent advancements like the Headless CMS and Layout Builder, showcasing its ability to adapt to the latest evolutions. Drupal presents promising opportunities for those considering a career in web development or looking to enhance their skills. Debug Academy, for instance, provides various educational resources and courses guided by industry experts, empowering individuals to embark on a Drupal journey. With Drupal's adaptability and the support of programs like Debug Academy, learners can become part of the future of web development, where Drupal remains a thriving and innovative CMS platform.

Read in detail about the relevancy of Drupal in 2023 in Debug Academy's latest blog post, "Is Drupal Still Relevant? "

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