Charting the Future: Navigating Post-DXP Digital Experiences


The upcoming event titled "Life After DXPs: How To Compose Your Ideal Solution," by Pantheon industry experts, is set to address complex digital experience platforms (DXPs). Scheduled for Thursday, October 12, at 1 pm EDT (10 am PDT), this event promises insightful discussions on critical aspects of choosing the right digital experience solutions.

The event will feature prominent speakers, including Joe Cicman, Principal Analyst of Digital Transformation at Forrester, Josh Koenig, Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer at Pantheon, and Karim Marucchi, CEO of Crowd Favourite and Co-Founder of Scale Consortium. These experts will navigate the realities of DXP solutions in today's market, emphasising the value of open solutions while delving into the limitations of one-size-fits-all DXP approaches.

Attendees will gain valuable insights into the importance of adaptability in their digital experience stack and learn how to evaluate potential solutions effectively. Moreover, the event will guide participants on the crucial questions to pose to vendors and stakeholders during decision-making. This event promises to be an essential resource for organisations seeking to enhance their digital experiences and drive performance. To register for the webinar and more information, click here.

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