Andrea Ostheer on Choosing Drupal to Power Jägermeister

Andrea Ostheer presenting at DrupalCon Lille
Andrea Ostheer

Andrea Ostheer presenting at DrupalCon Lille| Source: Andrea Ostheer | LinkedIn

Andrea Ostheer, the Spokesperson for Corporate Communications at Mast-Jägermeister SE, took centre stage to present the case of “Using Drupal to Bring our Digital Experience to Life“ at DrupalCon Lille 2023. Her presentation offers insights into how Mast-Jägermeister SE strategically harnesses Drupal as its CMS for a social intranet, providing a tailored, collaborative, and transparent cross-border communication solution.

Mast-Jägermeister SE, a renowned global player in the beverage industry, chose Drupal as the linchpin of its social intranet system with the help of 1xINTERNET. The decision was rooted in Drupal's remarkable flexibility and adaptability, seamlessly aligning with the company's corporate culture. This versatility empowered Mast-Jägermeister SE to customise features and content to match their unique communication needs precisely.

Andrea Ostheer presenting at DrupalCon Lille
Andrea Ostheer presenting at DrupalCon Lille | Source: Andrea Ostheer | LinkedIn 

The Community Manager at The Drop Times, Ben Peter Mathew had an opportunity for a friendly conversation with Andrea via LinkedIn, where she shared her DrupalCon journey filled with emotions, the enthusiastic audience, the unity within the Drupal community, and the opportunity to connect with those who share a passion for innovation and collaboration.

"Presenting at DrupalCon Lille 2023 was a successful new experience for me. It's always a mixture of excitement, tension, and nervousness to take the stage, but the energy of the audience and the hosts was really inspiring."

Reflecting on the highlights and memorable moments during her presentation at DrupalCon Lille 2023, Andrea shared,

"One of the highlights for me was sharing our journey with Drupal and seeing the engagement of the audience, who were blown away by the flexibility and adaptability it offers. Their questions and enthusiasm made the presentation all the more rewarding. But perhaps the most memorable moment was the sense of unity among the speakers and participants. 

It is a fantastic feeling to be part of a community that is so committed to innovation and collaboration. I am grateful for the opportunity and the chance to connect with like-minded people. It is these experiences that make events like DrupalCon so special."

Andrea Ostheer
Andrea Ostheer with Baddy Sonja Breidert, Imre Gmelig Meijling and Arush Kochhar | Source: Andrea Ostheer |LinkedIn

In a heartfelt LinkedIn post, Andrea extended her gratitude to a group of individuals who played a pivotal role in her experience at the conference. She thanked Imre Gmelig Meijling, Baddy Sonja Breidert, Christoph Breidert, and the entire team from 1xINTERNET and expressed gratitude for the invaluable opportunity to speak at the conference. She also acknowledged Nicolas Montet and Cécilia LEVY for their exceptional on-site organisation.

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