DrupalCon Reflections from an 11-Year "Newbie"

Tigin Öztürk, Co-Founder of Binbiriz, wrote a blog post1 on DrupalCon Lille. Many people have. So what is the difference, one might ask?

Tigin has been with Drupal for 11 years and three months. Still, in his first DrupalCon, he felt, he was a "newbie"!

Tigin's journey with Drupal began in 2008 when he was introduced to Drupal 6 by some friends in an association he was part of. They were enthusiastic about Drupal, having created a beautiful website with it, and Tigin initially contributed by producing content for the site.

At Nemedya, Tigin Öztürk and his team successfully worked on projects, including the TÜBİTAK (Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) website. This experience allowed Tigin to transition from a developer to a project manager.

In his blog post, Tigin shared his reflections on attending DrupalCon for the first time as part of a team. Despite his long history with Drupal, he had never participated in DrupalCon until recently. He expressed his satisfaction with the decision to attend DrupalCon in Lille.

One highlight of their experience at DrupalCon was participating in Trivia Night, where three members of their team, hailing from Turkey, received extra points due to their "newbie" status. Although Tigin and his colleague Burak had a considerable Drupal background, it was the first time they witnessed firsthand how the Drupal community functions and the strength of community teamwork.

Tigin humbly acknowledged that, in this regard, they were indeed "newbies." He recognized that everyone in the Drupal community goes through a similar phase, and although they might have arrived a bit later, they had successfully crossed this milestone.

For more insights into Tigin's journey and his reflections on DrupalCon, you can read the full blog post in Turkish and English.

  • 1Tigin Öztürk, Drupal.ist, Original Title in Turkish: “11 Yıllık bir “Çaylak”ın Gözünden DrupalCon,” Title in English (Trans.) "DrupalCon through the Eyes of an 11-Year "Newbie”," Dated 2 November, 2023, URL: https://drupal.ist/blog/11-yillik-bir-caylakin-gozunden-drupalcon (Turkish) and https://drupal.ist/en/blog/drupalcon-through-eyes-11-year-newbie (English)

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