Charting the Decoupled Layout Builder Journey: The Pitchburg Project

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The progress on the decoupled Layout Builder project under The Pitchburg Project is detailed in the article on Sprint 3 & 4 in PreviousNext. The team led by Lee Rowlands has been dedicated to finalizing the project's API and establishing the front-end component APIs. This work includes completing the API, integrating React Widget components, a Widget manager, a settings tray, and settings forms for React Block components. Additionally, they've added a document outline with drag-and-drop functionality and a footer component displaying breadcrumbs. Noteworthy features encompass plain text and rich text widgets powered by CKEditor, as well as functionalities such as editing document modes and drag-and-drop capabilities for adding sections or blocks.

The team's upcoming tasks include the finalization of documentation and the release of front-end code, enabling contributions from the wider community for widgets, formatters, blocks, and layouts. They plan to make sidebar panes pluggable as an extension point, implement front-end saving with an autosave feature during idle times, and support block/region restrictions in the front-end. This project's goal is to connect with Drupal through drupalSettings and plugin definitions while introducing undo/redo support. To learn more visit the article on the PreviousNext website.

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