LocalGov Drupal Tutorial #3: Explores Git and Bitbucket Integration

The third installment of the ORION WEB's LocalGov Drupal tutorial series by Marios Ioannidis delves into the realm of version control, focusing on the setup of Git and a remote code repository using Bitbucket. The tutorial discusses the benefits of Git, such as robust branching, backup capabilities, detailed history tracking, and seamless collaboration, while emphasizing the significance of version control in software development workflows. The tutorial provides step-by-step instructions on installing Git locally across different operating systems, configuring Git settings, and initiating a project with version control.

The tutorial then navigates users through setting up a Bitbucket repository, from creating a Bitbucket account and adding an SSH key to configuring project details. It demonstrates how to import local code to Bitbucket, covering essential Git commands like initialization, staging, committing changes, and pushing code to the remote repository. The article encourages users to explore further aspects of Git and Bitbucket while teasing upcoming episodes focusing on creating website pages and components for the LocalGov Drupal project.

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