GovCMS Initiates Enterprise-Scale 'Rules-as-Code' Implementation


Breaking new ground, GovCMS, Australia's government content management system, is set to implement Rules as Code (RaC) at an enterprise scale. This move is poised to democratize RaC accessibility, transforming legislation, regulations, and policies into machine-readable codes for all government agencies on the platform. RaC adoption is positioned to redefine digital service delivery, creating a more efficient and user-friendly experience for citizens and stakeholders.

Rules as Code involves the translation of legal frameworks into Code, empowering computers to interpret and understand regulations and fostering the evolution of a truly digital government. Acknowledging the transformative potential of RaC, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) underscores its role in creating a more agile, responsive, and innovative government. The commitment to RaC by GovCMS was highlighted through a sponsored project by the Australian Government Department of Finance, marking a global first in implementing RaC as a central, shared, open-source service on a common platform.

The successful project showcased a scalable RaC architecture, paving the way for simpler, personalized digital user journeys. For those interested in exploring Rules as Code further, GovCMS offers a demonstration video titled "Rules as Code - Delivering a personalized citizen experience for GovCMS" and provides access to an in-depth OECD Working Paper titled "Cracking the code: Rulemaking for Humans and machines."

Rules as Code - Delivering a personalised citizen experience for GovCMS

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