EvolveDrupal Ottawa Summit Succesfully Concludes!

EvolveDrupal Ottawa

EvolveDrupal Ottawa 2023

Evolving Web / LinkedIn

The third annual EvolveDrupal Ottawa summit concluded with resounding success, drawing accolades for its contribution to open-source innovation, collaboration, and digital transformation. Hosted by an array of distinguished speakers and sponsored by industry leaders Acquia and Platform.sh, the event featured insightful sessions, lively discussions, and valuable networking opportunities.

Evolving Web expressed gratitude to everyone who contributed to the meaningful experience on LinkedIn. The anticipation for the forthcoming summit in Atlanta, GA, in early 2024 is already afoot with initiations of calls for speakers and sponsors. Those interested in participating in the upcoming EvolveDrupal Summit can contact Maya Lena Schaeffar to explore the possibilities.

The summit's commitment to fostering collaboration and sharing diverse perspectives resonated with participants, marking a significant milestone in the ongoing EvolveDrupal journey. Some sessions and photographs will be available soon for those who couldn't attend.

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