Optimizing Drupal Theming: Enhancing Efficiency and Content Display

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In a blog post on the Evolving Web, Don Lalicon sheds light on crucial best practices for elevating Drupal theming skills. The post highlights the pivotal role of view modes in tailoring content displays for specific contexts, advocating for their utilization in customizing content appearances and managing fields and formatters. 

Lalicon also emphasizes the significance of considering internal data alongside content fields, suggesting the judicious use of the without Twig filter. Additionally, the post offers insights into leveraging contrib modules such as Fences and No Markup for cleaner and more efficient templates, prudent handling of empty fields, and using Twig features for maintaining templates. The author's practical recommendations aim to equip Drupal enthusiasts with essential techniques for refining their theming practices. 

Title: Drupal Theming Do's and Don'ts
Byline: Don Lalicon
Date of Publication: December 7, 2023
Organization: Evolving Web
URL: https://evolvingweb.com/blog/drupal-theming-dos-and-donts

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