Drupal 7 Security Ends: Plan Your Migration Now with Trusted Partners

Drupal Association

As of January 5, 2025, the curtain falls on Drupal 7's security support, marking the conclusive end of its lifecycle. With 14 years since its original release, Drupal 7 will no longer receive vital updates, bug fixes, or security patches. Despite this, the Drupal Association and Drupal Security Team are ready to support users in migrating their Drupal 7 sites, offering essential resources and tools.

Terminating security support implies that Drupal 7 won't receive protection against potential security vulnerabilities after this date. The Drupal Association strongly advises users to initiate their migration plans promptly to avoid exposure to risks.

Planning ahead is crucial, as without updates, any security issues discovered may be publicly disclosed, leaving sites unprotected. To facilitate this transition, Drupal.org provides a list of migrating partners—experts who understand the importance of Drupal in your digital presence and can guide you through the process, ensuring a secure and seamless shift.

Notable partners include Acquia, OpenSense Labs, Tag1 Consulting, Acro Commerce, Srijan, Chapter Three, 1xINTERNET, Vardot, palantir.net, axelerant, Kanopi Studios, Agileana, Dropsolid, Cyber-Duck, Optasy, evolving web, prometsource, Chromatic, and LN Webworks. Whether you lead a mid-size team or a smaller unit within a larger organization, these partners offer cost-effective solutions to help you continue growing your online impact. For the complete list of migrating partners, visit here.

Are you worried that the Drupal agency you worked with or your current digital services partner is not on the list? They may have opted out of this listing, which involves a payment to Drupal Association that helps the organization conduct its daily business. But you can still contact them. The cumulated years of experience they have amassed make them equally competitive to offer the same quality of service as these agencies would.

Take the chance to secure your digital presence and explore the opportunities Drupal 10 brings.

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