Enhanced Local Development with DDEV and Lagoon: amazee.io Webinar


Amazee.io, in collaboration with the DDEV Foundation, is set to introduce Lagoon workflow support to DDEV local development environments. This partnership aims to enhance the development experience by integrating DDEV, an open-source Docker-based development stack, with Lagoon. 

An upcoming webinar, scheduled for February 27, 2024, will feature Randy Fay, DDEV Lead Maintainer, Toby Bellwood, Product Lead Lagoon, and Brandon Williams, Software Engineer. The event promises to detail the integration between DDEV and Lagoon, showcasing methods to establish a local DDEV environment synchronized with Lagoon-hosted environments. Also, the webinar will explore opportunities to customize the integration and address routine Drupal development scenarios, inviting participants to get in touch with pertinent questions.

The collaborative efforts between amazee.io and the DDEV Foundation present a valuable opportunity for developers to expedite their workflow by amalgamating exceptional application hosting with an optimized local development environment. Emphasizing practical demonstrations, the webinar will offer insights into the application interfaces of DDEV and Lagoon, outline the process of integrating DDEV with Lagoon, and present alternative avenues for leveraging the combined capabilities of these platforms. 

The sessions will also delve into the potential for individualizing the integration and managing various Drupal development scenarios, providing a comprehensive understanding of the possibilities inherent in this strategic collaboration. Interested parties are encouraged to register for the webinar to gain in-depth knowledge and guidance on harnessing the functionalities of DDEV and Lagoon for streamlined development practices.  

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