Acquia Engage London 2024: Insights from Featured Speakers

Acquia Engage London 2024: Insights from Featured Speakers

Acquia Engage London is set to take place from May 21-22, marking the first European stop of the 2024 Digital Freedom Tour. This event will bring together digital leaders to share their expertise, insights, and practical tips on creating impactful customer experiences.

One of the highlights of Acquia Engage London is the opportunity to hear from notable speakers. In this article, we share insights from a few of these speakers who will be presenting at the event. Tom Bianchi, Senior Vice President of Product and Solutions Marketing at Acquia and Deanna Ballew, Senior Vice President of DXP Products at Acquia. We will be sharing insights from more speakers soon, so stay tuned for updates on the diverse lineup set to grace the stage at Acquia Engage London.

In regards to the schedule of the event, we would like to inform you that the two-day event kicks off with the Partner Summit, tailored specifically for Acquia partners and digital agencies interested in forming partnerships. This summit provides an ideal platform for networking and exploring Acquia’s offerings. Additionally, hands-on workshops will be available for Drupal developers and Acquia users, offering in-depth knowledge and practical skills development.

The main event on May 22 boasts a packed agenda, featuring keynote speeches and breakout sessions led by industry experts and practitioners. Attendees will have the valuable opportunity to gain insights and connect with some of the distinguished speakers at Acquia Engage London.

Now, let's explore what speakers have to say about their sessions.


TDT[1]: Tom, with your extensive background in B2B technology marketing, could you share what you'll be presenting in your session on "Next Gen Digital Tech Stack -2024 Trends" at Acquia Engage London? What key trends and insights should attendees expect to learn about the future of digital tech stacks?

Tom Bianchi
Tom Bianchi

Tom Bianchi: Thanks for the question. The biggest trend that I'll be sharing as part of that presentation is that the ownership of Digital Experience is shifting, with 78% now saying that Marketing is the owner. This data is from the 2023 Acquia CX report ( What's interesting is that while that number is growing, only 37% of respondents still believe that marketing can build the DX with little or no help from IT. This means the partnership between IT and Marketing needs to be stronger than ever before.



TDT[2]: Deanna, with your extensive experience in innovation and product development, could you share what you'll be presenting in your session on "Omnichannel Brand Management - 2024 Trends" at Acquia Engage London? What key trends and insights should attendees expect to learn about the future of omnichannel brand management?

Deanna Ballew: Brand is critical to stand out from the competition and build trust with your customers. The brand is

Deanna Ballew

not one-and-done, it takes time through many touch points and consistency is key. 87% of customers who responded to our Customer Experience survey are under pressure to deliver content differently and ensure they stand out.

Organizations can deliver consistent brands by connecting their martech stack and using governance available in Acquia’s Open DXP. A connected martech stack allows marketers to be agile and scale their experiences. For example, Acquia DAM can manage and permit all your brand-approved content. All your downstream channels like CMS, Marketing automation and ecommerce can be integrated so that they can automatically use the latest brand assets. Acquia PIM syndicates your brand content to all your marketplace destinations. And Acquia Optimize can scan all sites to ensure they meet your brand guidelines like brand colours and styles.

Connected technology is only one aspect needed for brand management. People and processes also need to be aligned to deliver on the brand. Acquia’s Digital Experience Capability model [] can be leveraged to advance your team’s ability to deliver the brand. It measures your DX maturity across five core business capabilities: Strategic alignment, Data Integration, Content Management, User Experience and Processes. Using this model can help you find areas to innovate on your internal processes and external brand impact.

In conclusion, we've given you a taste of what's to come at Acquia Engage London, from the Partner Summit to the main event packed with insightful sessions. But wait, there's more! We have additional insights from speakers on the way. Acquia Engage promises to be a memorable event, filled with valuable connections and enlightening discussions. Stay tuned for more updates as we delve further into what Acquia Engage London has to offer.

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