Suzanne Dergacheva Discusses New Drupal Brand Unveiled at DrupalCon Portland

Suzanne Dergacheva Discusses New Drupal Brand Unveiled at DrupalCon Portland

Suzanne Dergacheva, Co-founder and Strategist at Evolving Web, recently shared insights from DrupalCon Portland, where the new Drupal brand was unveiled to the community. This launch marks the beginning of Promote Drupal's efforts to roll out the brand, featuring a vibrant visual identity and a refreshed brand narrative. Suzanne highlights the positive reception and motivation within the community driven by the new color palette and framing patterns, which offer numerous design and content integration possibilities. She encourages those who missed the presentation to watch the brand video, which showcases these new elements.

The new marketing toolkit includes a boilerplate detailing Drupal's mission, positioning, and competitive advantages, drawing from the open web manifesto and extensive community and marketer consultations. During a Q&A session, Suzanne addressed whether Drupal is a CMS or DXP, confidently stating that it serves as both. 

"I feel super confident about our brand narrative and messaging framework but I’m also excited to have this narrative be rolled up to actual content on and our marketing tool kit."

noted Suzanne in the post.

New Drupal Brand

Suzanne also called for volunteers to support the ongoing brand rollout, seeking help with visual design for, writing case studies, creating website copy, and event marketing. Interested individuals are encouraged to visit to get involved and contribute to Drupal's open marketing efforts.

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