Upcoming Drupal Training Sessions by Evolving Web in Montreal

Upcoming Drupal Training Sessions by Evolving Web in Montreal

Evolving Web is offering a series of in-person Drupal training sessions next month in Montreal, aimed at enhancing digital practices for teams and individuals. These full-day training sessions, scheduled for June 11 to 13, cover crucial aspects of Drupal, providing participants with expert knowledge and practical skills.

The first session, "Drupal Web Accessibility Training" on June 11, focuses on making websites inclusive for all users, regardless of their abilities. Attendees will learn about accessibility considerations, legal requirements, standards, and common issues, alongside hands-on experience in testing and improving accessibility in Drupal.

The second session, "Drupal Module Development Training" on June 12, is designed to teach participants how to create and integrate custom modules. This training covers the fundamentals of Drupal’s architecture, coding best practices, and techniques for seamless module integration, supported by practical exercises and real-world scenarios.

On June 13, the "Drupal Theming with SDC and TailwindCSS" session will guide attendees in customizing their website’s appearance using TailwindCSS and single directory components (SDC). This training aims to equip participants with the skills to create modern, responsive themes and enhance their site's visual appeal.

Evolving Web also offers a special incentive for trainees: free entry to the EvolveDrupal Montreal summit on June 14, 2024. This summit provides exceptional learning and networking opportunities, further enriching the training experience.

For more information and to register for the training sessions, visit the EvolveDrupal training page.

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