Drupal 7 End-Of-Life Extended

Drupal Association has announced the extension of the End Of Life of Drupal 7. The security fixes support of Drupal 7 which was to end in November of 2021 has been given a new lease of life for another year. Drupal 7 support is now scheduled to end on November 28, 2022.

For Drupal 7 users this is cause for a huge sigh of relief. They now have a breather of one year to migrate to a stable version of Drupal without rushing through their migration process. Migration from Drupal 7 is reported to be a complex one.

The Association now recommends migrating all of the previous versions to the Drupal 9.2 version or above. The good news for D7 users is that once you migrate to D8.9, the complex part is over. Migrating from Drupal 8 .9 to version 9 is equivalent to a minor upgrade.

Unlike Drupal 7, Drupal 8 and 9 are dependent on Symfony. So we foresee a new major version every 2 years, with minor upgrades scheduled every 6 months.

Drupal 7 still has a huge user base. Over half of the Drupal Users (58%) are still on version 7. Drupal 7 released first in 2011 enjoyed tremendously.

One of the road blockers for migration from Drupal 7 is the feeling that a maintenance overhead team is needed. That is far from true, especially when the team is small. Granted the initial migration from Drupal 7 to 8.8 version will be a major one that needs technical expertise in PHP. Later upgrades even to Drupal 9.2 can be self-managed using Composer and Drush. Once that is done the upgrades are minor and do not need expert handling.

Not migrating from Drupal 7 and planning to stay in version 7 itself will be a huge security risk for the site. For applications that do not foresee a site life expectancy of only a couple more years, it might not prove sound to move now. Drupal has extended vendor support for D7 similar to that of D6.

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