Drupal Camp Asheville: Friday Training and Unconference


Here is how your Day 1 (8th July 2022) at the Drupal Camp Asheville will look like:

7:30am-7:45am EDT: Registration

7:45am-8:00am EDT: Welcome

8:00am-12:00pmEDT: Intermediate OOP in Drupal: Patterns, Services, Events and Dependency Injection 
Presented by: Jonathan Daggerhart
Room: ClipStock (225)

8:00am-12:00pmEDT: Getting Started with Drupal
Presented by: Tearyne D. Almendariz and AmyJune Hineline
Room: Pantheon (228)

8:00am-12:00pmEDT: Introduction to Backdrop CMS
Presented by: Justin Keiser
Room: Esteemed (229)

8:00am-12:00pmEDT: DevOps with Lando
Presented by: Aaron Feledy
Room: Sevaa Group (226)

12:00pm-1:00pm: Lunch Break

1:00pm-4:00pmEDT: Unconference

4:15-4:30pmEDT: Friday Prize Raffle and Closing


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