Now a UI Utility for Release Notes

Screengrab of Matt Glaman's GitHub account

In the software lifecycle, when you have incremental releases of a program or an app, the difference between any two releases is recorded through release notes which is the aggregation of comments in the Git log of the developer. In Drupal, this was done with the help of a command line interface (CLI). Now, we have an app for this purpose.  

The sweet thing about this app? It has no CLI, but has a functional user interface (UI). This module, drupal-mrn, developed by Matt Glaman queries the GitLab directly. And more than that, it has now an API so that you can plug it anywhere.  This app helps with generating release notes for Drupal projects. 

“If you liked ‘drupalorg mrn,’ you’ll love this!”

tweets Matt Glaman. See the twitter thread here: 

The source code is available at Matt Glaman’s GitHub account. The web app isn’t live, says Matt. It is ‘coming soon when I sort out S3+CloudFront for the static site’. 

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