Drupal 10 to be Released on 14th December 2022


According to a blog post by the Drupal Association, the expected release date for Drupal 10 is 14th December 2022. With the beta release in a few days the Drupal Association hopes that it will give the community time to test the great changes in Drupal 10 and contribute any final feedback. 

The new features, include Olivero default theme that is replacing Bartik, Claro administration theme which will replace Seven, CKEditor 5 which will offer a better authoring experience and more modern editing, modern JavaScript components to replace some uses of jQuery, Symfony 6 which will replace Symfony 4 and PHP 8.1 and so much more! 

Drupal Association in this post also thanked the amazing team of contributors who are working hard to make the Drupal 10 release possible. They also thanked everyone who has been working to complete the requirements and strategic initiatives needed for Drupal 10.


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