How to grow Mautics ecosystem of sponsors to support Mautics exponential growth?

17 Feb 2024, 4:20 pm
45 mins

Mautic is growing exponentially. The ecosystem is still young. We are very much still a startup. How can we grow the organisation around Mautic? Obviously funds are important. That why sponsors and supporter are key in the growth of an open source project.

This session presents a plan to energise the community to stimulate sponsorship from individuals to organisations using Mautic and software vendors making money with Mautic.

What will be discussed?
* What can we learn from other open source ecosystems?
* Many of us are marketers, lets use this strength to our advantage. How?
* Businesses like to give back. Why is that? And how can they give back to Mautic?

It's not a fundraising pitch although it will present many arguments why to support Mautic which you'll be able to use to attract new sponsoring community members.