Editor's Pick | Vol. 1 | Issue. 43

My Drupal Learning Journey with TheDropTimes

14 November 2023

As I sit down to pen my thoughts, I am overwhelmed with a sense of gratitude and excitement about the incredible journey I've embarked upon since joining TheDropTimes (TDT). Today, I want to share a little personal reflection on my discovery of Drupal and the captivating world that surrounds it.

To be completely transparent, my knowledge of Drupal was rather limited before I became a part of TheDropTimes team. Little did I know that this venture would broaden my understanding of the World Wide Web as it is weaved and expose me to the vibrant and dynamic Drupal community.

Writing articles and news stories about Drupal has been an enlightening experience. It's not just about the technical aspects of the platform; it's about the people, the stories, and the diverse perspectives that make Drupal so unique. What truly captivated me, however, is the incredible unity and equity maintained within the Drupal community.

The Drupal community isn't just a group of individuals with a shared interest; it's a tapestry woven with threads of different cultures, backgrounds, and experiences. Events like DrupalCon and DrupalCamp are not merely gatherings; they are celebrations of unity and a testament to the strength of diversity. It's heartwarming to witness Drupalers from various walks of life coming together to discuss Drupal with passion and enthusiasm.

The size and enthusiasm of the Drupal community are truly remarkable. It's fascinating to witness a global network of individuals working together, each contributing their unique skills and perspectives, all with a shared goal of making Drupal the best CMS it can be.

Now, let's shift our focus to the exciting content we've covered at TheDropTimes. Please take a peek and let us know what you think!

Don't miss the insightful interviews by our sub-editor Alka Elizabeth. First up, Luca Lusso shares his evolution as a Drupal Developer. Read the interview here. Next, dive into the discussion with Bohdan Artemchuk about overcoming unique challenges despite NDAs. Explore the interview here.

Drupal Mountain Camp 2024 is calling for sponsors for an unforgettable Alpine adventure. LocalGovDrupal Week Session: Southwark Council's Drupal Journey. Read more here. Plus, Altudo is rolling out an invitation for Acquia Engage Boston on November 14 and 15, with exciting prizes up for grabs! Check out the details here. We've also got the inside scoop on The Drupal Business Day on November 10 in Mannheim and the largest offline Drupal meetup, DrupalCafeLutsk #23, on November 16, 2023. For more information, click here. And, of course, a curated list of upcoming events this week. Check it out here.

Tune in to the latest "Talking Drupal" podcast, episode #423, delving into the operations and purpose of The Conflict Resolution Team in the Drupal community. Oliver Davies has conducted a captivating interview with Matt Glaman, the Principal Software Engineer at Acquia, and it's the debut episode of the 'Beyond Blocks Podcast.'

Explore a variety of blog posts covering the Top 10 PHP libraries spotlighted in the article for streamlining the web development process. Drupal: The Versatile CMS for Enhanced Web Development, the blog post by CSSChopper, and the seamless integration of Google Analytics, a blog post authored by Sunidhi Negi from TO THE NEW. Get an insight from the blog post of Golems about the transformative power of GraphQL in Drupal development, Discover the valuable insights and contributions of Drunomics' team at DrupalCon Lille 2023, click here to get an insight, and a groundbreaking session proposal by J. Rockowitz titled 'Love thy CMS.' Plus, unlock the secrets to reliable email delivery from your Drupal website. Firas Ghunaim's blog post explores how this robust CMS can help businesses thrive in a mobile-first landscape, where the stakes are high.

Maximize Drupal Commerce performance through MySQL Configuration Tuning with key insights from Roman Agabekov.

Ready to enhance your Drupal skills? Tag1 Consulting introduces the Layout Builder Plus module, and there's a comprehensive developer series by Drupalize.me. Dive into the world of Drupal with a free Udemy course led by Ivan Mejia Fabela, providing a comprehensive understanding of the powerful content management system in just 9 lessons. LocalGov Drupal Tutorial Series #1 provides a comprehensive local installation guide using Lando, and there's also a tutorial by Marios Ioannidis on setting up your website locally using DDEV.

Stay updated for more Drupal-related news and articles! That's all for now, but we'll be back with more soon.

Warm Regards,

Kazima Abbas
Sub-editor, The Drop Times