Acquia Japan Writes About Drupal Community Modules

Acquia Japan posted on their blog an article on 2 December, 2022 evaluating Drupal Community modules. Joshua Waihi, the writer stresses on the many factors one should  consider, when using modules provided and must not only look into their functional usage, but their quality and support for use by their own organization. In this article Joshua introduced the module evaluation criteria using the actual community module "Feeds" as an example.

The writer talks about how with open source software, one can manage risk by securing ownership of the source code you use. The article looks into how you can reduce costs by leveraging community features and support. Look for Drupal modules with high adoption rates, strong communities, and maintainers rather than a release version stability metric. You can accept less stable modules in the early stages of the project and contribute to its stability as the project matures .Drupal development capabilities and risk tolerance vary from organization to organization, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach.

Joshua also put out a similar article in July of this year where he spoke about Evaluating Drupal Community Modules. Click here to read more blogs by Acquia Japan

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