Rutland and Canterbury Now Have LocalGov Drupal Sites

19 January, 2023

Normanton Church, Rutland, Oakham, UK

LocalGov Drupal recently announced the launch of two new council websites, for the Rutland Council and the Canterbury City Council. While Big Blue Road worked on Rutland's website, Code Enigma developed Canterbury's website. 

Check out the Rutland Council's Webpage on

Check out the Canterbury City Council's Webpage on


LocalGov Drupal works together to produce a best-practice web publishing platform that is freely available to all participating councils. It helps councils deliver a better digital experience for their citizens while simultaneously saving money for vital frontline services. 

They are known for being highly cost-effective, as they can reduce the cost of building a council website by up to 80%.

How Does it work

LocalGov Drupal is not a supplier, They do not carry out development work for councils. There are a number of great suppliers that have worked on LGD and are available to hire, and/or you can bring in your own agency or supplier. 

Councils jointly decide on a product roadmap of what new functionality to add based on user research and data. Councils can also create features outside of the roadmap which may be brought into the main platform for all to use. 

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