LocalGov Drupal to Become Cooperative

LocalGov Drupal away day session; source:lLocalGov Drupal twitter

Local Gov Drupal announced on the 21 November that they will soon become a co-operative. They will no longer be funded by the DLUHC local Digital fund and will need to support all on their own. On November 16th they held their first ever in-person away day to discuss the next stage of the LGD project.

Why is LocalGov Drupal Now going to be a co-operative?

The project is taking a step further, standing on their own, Nathan Brown and the Product and Tech Leads at LGD, Will  Callaghan and Finn Lewis, presented a proposal at the away day to establish the project as a multi-stakeholder co-operative. They also worked with business development specialists like Nathan himself and Mark Simmonds of Co-op Culture to find the best possible company structure, one that fits with our collaborative ethos.

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