Is Drupal Complicated to Use ?


Is it really? There might have been a traveling rumor about Drupal's usability. It is said to have been too complicated for the average marketer to use. In this case Acquia took it upon themselves to debunk such a myth. In a blog post released by Acquia on 15th February 2023, Acquia's Senior Product Marketing Manager Kara Hall, explains about the many attributes that sets Drupal apart. There are clear cut reasons in this blog post that debunks this biggest Drupal Myth.

Drupal has one of the world's largest open source communities, this ensures that Drupal does not serve a single audience of "technical users" or "site builders," but rather allows everyone to achieve their goals, explains kara. 

Multichannel interactions is another modern marketer’s need that Drupal provides. Drupal is built on structured data, which naturally caters to the modern marketer's demand for multichannel engagements.

Another point Kara emphasises on is Drupal's intuitive usability. Drupal provides an easy-to-use interface that enables them to accomplish precisely that, including no-code and low-code capability. The Claro Admin Theme, Olivero, Layout Builder are only a few among the many features that facilitate this goal. 

Security is yet another point of focus. Drupal 10 expands on the security introduced by the previous versions, that included the elimination of obsolete code. Further details like Drupal's multilingual capabilities, Integration options and SEO benefits are provided in the blog article, which examines why Drupal is simple to use for the everyday marketer.

Refrence: The Biggest Drupal Myth Debunked

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