DrupalSouth Calls for a Broad Panel of Judges

The DrupalSouth Splash Award organizers hosted an information session about the DrupalSouth Splash Awards submission process on March 27, 2023. Now a call has been put out as they encourage a broad panel of judges from various backgrounds and expertise willing to evaluate every Splash award submission across all six categories.

You must have to self-nominate via the DrupalSouth website. Up to 10 judges will be selected based on their suitability and experience by the DrupalSouth Steering Committee. Applications for judges are open until March 30, 2023

DrupalSouth.Org has also published the criteria upon which the evaluation shall happen. 

Each case is judged on a wide range of measures. Hence judges must be well-versed in multiple disciplines and not just in one or two silos. Experience in designing and developing websites across various industries is imperative but not as necessary when using Drupal. 

Judges are likely required to have a background in at least three of the following: Strategy, project management, Drupal development, product ownership, leadership, design, and technology.

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