Drupal Will Offer ‘App-Store’ like Experience, Says Dries

In the blog, Dries attempts to explain the past and present of the evolution of Drupal's composability feature

Drupal founder Dries Buytaert has published a new blog post. In the blog, Dries takes the readers through the stages of the evolution of Drupal’s composability.

In the blog post published on his official website on April 04, 2023, Dries attempts to explain the past and present of evolution of Drupal’s composability feature. Composability allows organizations to structure their web platform as per their needs. It is possible mainly because of Drupal’s modularity. Modularity, on its part, will enable developers to combine and reuse modules, themes, and libraries to create custom solutions.

The blog post mainly deals with two things. It explores how Drupal’s composability evolves to empower ambitious site builders with modern, no-code development practices. Initiatives like Automatic Updates and Project Browser make it possible. The blog also looks into Drupal’s journey and significant decisions made over the last 10+ years.

The flashback began in 2007 when Drupal 7 was released and ‘Update Manager’ was introduced. Through the years till 2023, numerous major changes were introduced. Dries enlists them and the names of the contributors. He also reminisces about the organizations that contributed to it.

Currently, Automatic Updates and the Project Browser are available as contributed modules. The blog post says the goal is to include both in Drupal Core. These changes will be officially released in the second half of this year. According to Dries, in the end, Drupal will offer an ‘app-store’ like experience. It will allow Drupal contributors to register, promote, update, version, and certify modules through Drupal.org.

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