Why Drupal Is the Best for a Mobile Friendly Website

Drupal offers numerous responsive web design themes and modules
Mobile Phone

We live in a smartphone-driven world. For businesses to succeed, they need to provide a comfortable web experience that is mobile-friendly. The websites and e-commerce platforms need to be adaptive to smartphone features.

Drupal is a popular content management system (CMS) that leading organizations widely use. Eminent organizations such as Tesla, Nokia, Oxford University, NASA, and Grammy use Drupal for building websites. One main reason for using Drupal is that the open-source CMS provides an excellent mobile experience.

A recent blog post published by LN Webworks, a leading Drupal-based service provider, highlights the mobile-friendly features of Drupal. The platform offers numerous responsive web design themes and modules. It makes it easy to optimize the website for different screen sizes. Drupal’s mobile-friendly modules enable to customize the website’s pages to provide visitors with a digital experience that matches their expectations.

The platform also offers seamless integration with mobile technologies such as SMS Framework and mobile codes. It helps the website owners to interact with customers through their smartphones. Drupal is an ideal platform for building a mobile-compatible website due to its responsive design capabilities and numerous mobile-friendly modules. Read the blog post published by LN Webworks to learn more about Drupal’s mobile-friendly features.

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