5 Winners Awarded Pitch-burgh funding Totaling $78,000 at DrupalCon

DrupalCon Pitch-Burgh has unveiled the five winners who will be awarded a total of $78,000 in funding for their groundbreaking proposals. The winners, determined through a community vote, were announced at DrupalCon Pitch-Burgh. The Founder and Project Lead of Drupal, Dries Buytaert successfully raised $70,000 in prize funds for the Drupal Pitch-Burgh innovation contest, held alongside DrupalCon Pittsburgh.

The esteemed winners have been recognized for their exceptional ideas, which garnered support and votes from the Drupal community. Their proposals, along with the video proposals, can be found on Drupal.org's 'Meet the Winners' page.

In a thorough evaluation process, judges meticulously reviewed all submitted videos and shortlisted seven projects to be featured in the Driesnote for further consideration. The additional $3,000 needed to fully fund the "Contributing and mentoring the mentor" project was generously provided by Code Journeymen and Lee Walker. The wide array of remarkable projects received during the contest demonstrated the incredible talent and innovation within the Drupal community. The Drupal Association, committed to supporting these exceptional projects, intends to work closely with the winners to ensure their successful implementation.

DrupalCon Pitch-Burgh and the Drupal community congratulate the winners on their outstanding achievements. This funding will undoubtedly facilitate the realization of their visionary ideas and contribute to the further development of the Drupal ecosystem.



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