Code Enigma Explains Choosing Between Drupal 9 or 10

26 June, 2023

A blog post by Code Enigma authored by Maygen Jacques provides valuable insights into the release of Drupal 10 and offers guidance on selecting the most suitable version for users. Drupal 10 marks a significant milestone in the evolution of the popular content management system, bringing numerous improvements and new features.

The article begins by emphasizing the importance of understanding the current Drupal version, which determines the upgrade path to Drupal 10. It highlights that Drupal 9 will be the version most users should be running before transitioning to Drupal 10. The blog explains that Drupal 10 is designed to be backward-compatible with Drupal 9, meaning that sites on Drupal 9 should have an easier upgrade process.

The blog further discusses the key considerations for choosing between Drupal 9 and Drupal 10. It explains that users already on Drupal 9 and have a stable website can continue using Drupal 9 until its end-of-life date. It provides an opportunity to fully leverage Drupal 9's features and functionalities without the immediate need for migration.

Overall, the blog post serves as a helpful resource for individuals and organizations seeking guidance on selecting the most appropriate version of Drupal, whether it be Drupal 9 or Drupal 10, based on their current situation and future goals. Click here to read the blog article.

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