Drupal 7 End-of-Life: Developers Urged to Prepare for Migration

Credit: Agileana

In a recent blog post titled "Drupal 7 EOL announced: It's time to move on" published on DEV Community, Marine Gandy shed light on the impending end-of-life (EOL) status of Drupal 7. With 18 months remaining until the migration deadline, developers are advised to explore available options and prepare for the transition.

The extended timeline provides developers with ample opportunity to test various alternatives. However, the blog post emphasizes that the new extension for Drupal 7 comes with certain caveats. Notably, once a module is classified as unsupported, there will be no possibility of reinstating maintenance, even if someone applies to take over its upkeep. Consequently, users reliant on specific modules are urged to take action promptly to ensure their continued availability.

As Drupal 7 nears its EOL, the blog post also addressed concerns regarding Drupal 7 projects hosted with Platform.sh. Emphasizing the significance of application and data security, Platform.sh encourages users to apply security updates and migrate to newer versions before the support ends. However, the post clarifies that, for the time being, there will be no significant changes to hosting arrangements.

Moreover, Platform.sh now offers free support for older versions of PHP through its Freexian subscription, allowing users to comfortably allocate time for testing while upgrading their PHP versions to maintain compatibility with Drupal 7. Once users are ready to proceed with the migration, they can seamlessly transition to the latest supported PHP version.

With the clock ticking, developers are urged to begin the migration process promptly, ensuring a seamless transition to a supported version of Drupal while safeguarding the security and performance of their websites.

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