Burst the Bubble: Alex Moreno Advocates for Drupal's Global Recognition

Drupal booth

Drupal Booth at Web Summit Lisbon 2023

Alex Moreno

Strategically steering Drupal beyond its conventional horizons, Alex Moreno, a dedicated advocate for the open-source content management system, delves into the challenges of promoting Drupal in arenas beyond the familiar Drupal community. Acknowledging the substantial financial investments made by companies in such endeavors, Moreno stresses the necessity for an impartial entity to spearhead independent promotional activities. He posits the Drupal Association as a potential neutral force capable of executing these efforts, with the recent foray into Web Summit in Lisbon serving as a concrete stride toward escaping the confines of the Drupal bubble.

Moreno underscores the need for an evolved promotional approach for Drupal, advocating for a collective sharing of costs and benefits to amplify the technology's visibility. By actively participating in events like Web Summit, the Drupal Association endeavors to spotlight the platform's strengths and engage with a wider audience, cultivating interest and growth that permeates the entire Drupal ecosystem. Moreno urges the community to usher in a new era of promotion, positioning Drupal as a technology that transcends its current boundaries and thrives in the expansive digital landscape.

As Moreno readies himself to represent Drupal at Web Summit alongside the Drupal Association, the article concludes with a call to burst the Drupal bubble and propel the technology into broader recognition. The success of this initiative, Moreno argues, hinges on a commitment to breaking away from routine promotional strategies and embracing a more inclusive, industry-wide approach to showcase Drupal's capabilities to a global audience.

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