Drupal Seeks Feedback: New Working Group Proposal!

The Drupal core committers and the Drupal 10 readiness initiative are on the lookout for your thoughts! They're proposing a new working group with a clear mission—to focus on contributed modules where the maintainer hasn't updated to the next major Drupal version. This covers cases where the maintainer needs help or isn't active anymore. The goal? To benefit the entire Drupal family.

This group will be like the superheroes of Drupal.org, having special privileges just like the Security Team and Site Moderators. Lee Rowlands shared the backstory in a blog post on Drupal.org.

Currently, the Project Update Bot does its thing by generating automated compatibility patches for contributed projects. But, for some modules, these patches aren't committed fast enough. It becomes a roadblock for sites trying to update to the next Drupal version. Some temporary fixes exist, like the Composer Lenient plugin, but it's not a complete substitute for a compatible module version.

Curious about the details? Read the whole blog post.

Title: Request for comment: Project Update Working Group
Byline: Lee Rowlands
Dateline: 8 December 2023
Organization: Drupal.org
URL: https://www.drupal.org/about/core/blog/request-for-comment-project-update-working-group

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