Drupal Starshot Initiative Sets Strategic Milestones in Product Definition

⭐ Starshot Session ✨ on June 7, 2024 Led by Dries Buytaert and Cristina Chumillas
Drupal Starshot Initiative Sets Strategic Milestones in Product Definition

The Drupal community took a significant step forward on June 7, 2024, with the "Product Definition" session for the Drupal Starshot initiative. Led by Dries Buytaert and Cristina Chumillas, the session aimed to refine and advance the Drupal ecosystem, focusing on user-centric improvements and strategic development milestones.

Dries opened the session by reviewing the current Drupal mission statement, emphasizing the commitment to making it easier for site builders, especially those new to Drupal, to build and launch open-source Drupal sites efficiently. The mission highlighted the goal of creating a fast-moving, open-source product that feels like a complete product rather than just a framework. This vision sets the tone for the entire initiative, underscoring the importance of user experience and accessibility.

Mission Statement

Cristina then presented concept wireframes that showcased the envisioned user experience for Drupal Starshot. These wireframes, developed with significant user input, aimed to simplify the installation and onboarding process. They ensured new users could quickly get up and running without extensive technical knowledge. 

The wireframes included features like pre-packaged recipes, smart defaults, and minimal steps to streamline the user journey. Usability testing and initial feedback on these wireframes have been promising, and further refinements are anticipated based on community feedback. 

Ovearall Status Update

The session outlined several draft milestones for Drupal Starshot, set to be showcased at DrupalCon Barcelona. The Drupal Starshot project aims to streamline the user experience for new Drupal users by simplifying installation, configuration, and launch processes.



User stories highlight the need for easy discovery and installation of Drupal Starshot on Drupal.org. New users want to compare features, download the software, and follow straightforward installation instructions without needing command-line expertise. 

The work to be done includes creating wireframes, and designs, and implementing necessary changes on Drupal.org. This involves developing a new download page, an informational section, an installation guide, and updating the front page. Additional tasks include creating in-depth product sections, basic installation instructions, and evaluating approaches for seamless trial-to-production transitions.



The goal is to build easier and better configurations by guiding site builders to success with common best practices and state-of-the-art innovations. This ensures site builders can effectively set up and configure their sites with the latest techniques.



Post-DrupalCon Barcelona 2024, the focus will shift to launching new sites. User stories emphasize the need for a smooth transition from trial experiences to permanent hosting solutions, whether self-hosted or hosted by providers. The work involves exploring technical aspects and support from hosting providers to enable this seamless transition, allowing users to attract visitors and realize their site's value.

This meticulous approach ensures that each step is well-defined and aligned with the initiative's overall goals. A timeline was also shared, detailing steps like publishing the initial batch of tracks on Drupal.org and starting to recruit track leaders.


Critical path items identified during the session highlighted the need for detailed documentation, seamless user feedback integration, and continuous product strategy refinement. Collaborating with the Drupal community to achieve these goals effectively was repeatedly emphasized. Dries and Cristina underscored the value of community-driven development and the need for transparent communication throughout the process. 

Community members were encouraged to participate actively in the development process. Dries highlighted the importance of feedback and collaboration, inviting users to join upcoming webinars and contribute to ongoing discussions in the issue queue. 

This inclusive approach aims to leverage the collective expertise and passion of Drupal users worldwide. By fostering a collaborative environment, the leadership team hopes to ensure that Drupal Starshot meets the diverse needs of its user base while maintaining the high standards for which Drupal is known. 

User feedback

Towards the end of the discussion, Dries spoke of the Starshot Council. This council is expected to play a crucial role in steering the Starshot initiative and ensuring it aligns with the broader goals of the Drupal community. Dries hinted that the announcement of the Starshot Council might happen within the week, marking an important step in formalizing the governance and strategic oversight of the initiative. 

"If you're interested and want to be considered for the Starshot Council, reach out to Tim Doyle at the Drupal Association, or reach out to me, and I'll get you in touch with Tim Doyle. We hope to have our first council meeting next week."

stated Dries.

The session concluded with a discussion on the next steps, including moving information from Google Docs to the Drupal Starshot issue queue, defining tracks, and recruiting track leaders. The leadership team aims to publish an initial batch of tracks on Drupal.org by the end of June, with ongoing discussions and adjustments based on community feedback. The discussion also highlighted the detailed next steps for tracks, including finding track leads and defining more tracks.

Next Step

The Drupal Starshot Product Definition session marked a significant step forward for the community. By focusing on user-centric design, streamlined installation processes, and collaborative development, the initiative aims to position Drupal as a leading CMS platform capable of meeting the evolving needs of site builders and developers. With clear milestones and strong community backing, Drupal Starshot is poised to make a lasting impact on the future of web development.

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