Winners of Women in Drupal Award 2022

22 September, 2022
Twitter- Tiffany Farriss @farriss

The winners for the first ever Women in Drupal Award were announced at DrupalCon Prague 2022. The award winners are Stella Power in category Scale, Cristina Chumillas in category Define and Surabhi Gokte in category Build.

Stella Power is the Managing Director at Annertech and has been on Drupal for over 15 years. She leads a team of over 40 people and is also known for her contribution as a contributor to the open source Drupal project.

Cristina Chumillas is a Senior Front-End Developer at Lullabot and she also volunteers at She has been on Drupal for over 10 years.

Surabhi Gokte is a Community Manager at Srijan: and has helped organize many events like DrupalCon, Drupal 10 Global Porting Day and more.

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