SOUL/Life Balance

Sam Kabert's section announcement at DDI Camp

Have you experienced burnout? Let's be real, we all have to some extent. The shocking truth is that it’s more than just burnout. Today’s workforce is stressed, sad and anxious. It’s gotten so bad, that in July of 2022 the numbers 988 are designated as the new three-digit dialing code that easily routes callers to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. It’s time we put our own Mental Health as the number one priority - in business, in education, in all of our relationships.

Work/Life Balance can help, but what this model doesn't address is one's own "inner compass". Burnout and being caught on the hamster wheel of achieving goals and chasing success is a result of prioritizing your work over truly connecting with yourself.

The burnout mind encourages neglecting time for mental health and well-being.The practice of SOUL/Life Balance puts one’s own mental health as the #1 priority while reframing work as a part of being a human.

By implementing SOUL/Life Balance as a way of being, you’ll experience first hand how to optimize all aspects of life, including your work. You’ll be equipped with tools to enable mindful practices for more energy and fulfillment in your everyday life!

Addressing the Mental Health Crisis we are facing as a collective is imperative and the practice of SOUL/Life Balance offers a clear path to relieve burnout, stress, anxiety and overall sadness.