Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Imran Afzal's session announcement in DDI Camp

Success is something we all crave. We all want to look back at our lives and feel proud of what we’ve archived. However, sometimes it can feel overwhelming as we strive towards our goals. Success can put us in the spotlight, whether that’s starting a new job, getting promoted or delivering a talk. We can often start to feel inadequate. It can feel like we’ve stumbled through to our achievements, and sooner or later, we’ll get found out. It’s during these moments that we can start to question our ability to meet expectations. It’s during these moments that we can start to suffer from imposter syndrome.

Feeling like an imposter in the design and tech space is more common than most would believe. However, talking about the feelings associated with imposter syndrome isn’t very common. We have lots of conversations about learning to design, build and ship better products and services. Rarely do we talk about getting better at managing our anxieties and feelings. This talk hopes to change that.

This talk will explore many aspects of imposter syndrome. Imran will dissect the topic and its impact on people in the tech space. He will also offer guidance on overcoming imposter syndrome and developing self-confidence.

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