Retiring the Traditional 40h Work Week: Designing a Compensation Model for the 21st Century

Derek Laventure

Do you worry about balancing mental health with compensation at work? Is the idea of unlimited PTO scary in your progressive workplace? Feeling stuck in a rigid, archaic 40-hour system that wasn't designed for this economy or modern lifestyle? How can we give workers the flexibility to define their hourly work schedule, without sacrificing results?

We've developed a way to value our humanity first and see our team succeed. We've built a process that gives us a lot of control as workers. We call it the quarterly salary adjustment, and it's one way we encode fairness into the company. This process has worked well for us for several years, and we are excited to share it!

In this talk you'll find a tour of the quarterly salary adjustment process tool. We'll discuss how it evolved, how it works, and problems it does (or doesn't!) solve. Plus, we'll also share some resources to help implement something like this in your workplace!

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