Stories make meaning. Meaning makes change

Tara King's session announcement in DDI Camp

How many meetings, presentations, and emails have you waded through wondering: What's the point of it all? Who cares about all these charts? Are we just making this stuff up?

Even as tech companies lean more and more heavily on data, we still find ourselves telling stories about that data. We tell stories about how our teams are doing, how we are doing, how the industry is doing -- and these stories have serious power. They affect morale, where we invest our time and money, and much more. As a leader, the ability to tell a compelling story to and about your team is critical.

Join Tara King (novelist, performance artist, and Director of Developer Relations at PagerDuty) on a deep-dive into how stories work and how you can use stories to communicate more effectively inside and outside of work. We'll dig into standard story structures (like the Hero's Journey) as well as more feminist, communal story structures. How can we tell better, kinder, stories to make a better kinder workplace--and world?