Drupal Coding Standards Updates: Final Discussion Set for January 2, 2024

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Lee Rowlands announced two pivotal coding standards adjustments open for final deliberation by the Technical Working Group (TWG) on December 11, 2023. The proposed alterations include the adoption of the null coalescing operator (??) instead of the ternary operator with isset statement and an update to the CSS coding standards to encompass PostCSS and Drupal 10. 

Scheduled for January 2, 2024, 2100 UTC, the meeting signifies the concluding phase for community feedback on these crucial adjustments. The Coding Standards project page delineates the detailed process guiding the evolution of Drupal coding standards. 

Lee Rowlands further encourages active participation in the #coding-standards channel within Drupal Slack to collaboratively contribute to refining and implementing these coding standards within the Drupal core software. 

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