Kanopi Studios and Exploratorium Collaborate: A Drupal Success Story

D7- D9

In a compelling first interview hosted by Kelly Delaney from the Drupal Association and Nathan Roach, the Marketing Director at Axelerant in the show "Beyond the Build", the remarkable partnership between Kanopi Studios and the Exploratorium, a museum comes to light. The show is about stories of Drupal impact by highlighting incredible Drupal use cases by ambitious site Builders and end users.

The insightful discussion dives into how Kanopi Studios and Exploratorium combined their expertise to achieve a seamless transition from Drupal 7 to Drupal 9, exemplifying the power of collaboration and innovative technology. Jim Birch, Engineering Manager at Kanopi Studios, and Tim Tufts, Director of Project Success, provide in-depth insights into the intricacies of the project. They shed light on the challenges posed by the Exploratorium's diverse stakeholders and the need for a flexible and scalable content management system. With their combined efforts and meticulous migration plan, they successfully streamlined the museum's digital presence while optimizing the user experience.

George Perry, Manager of the Online Media Team at the Exploratorium, shares the museum's perspective on the partnership. Highlighting the significance of their mission to explore the world through science and art, Perry explains how Drupal's adaptability allowed them to overcome hurdles associated with legacy content and multiple stakeholders. The collaboration empowered the Exploratorium to transform its online legacy and create a dynamic platform that reflects its innovative approach to learning.

As the interview unfolds, the partnership between Kanopi Studios and the Exploratorium extends beyond technology. The collaborative spirit, shared vision, and dedication to continuous improvement have set the stage for a thriving digital future. Plans to transition to Drupal 10 are already underway, reinforcing the notion that this alliance is not just a success story, but an ongoing journey towards innovation and impact.

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