Working with Layout Paragraphs: an Easy-to-Use, Drag-and-Drop Content Editing Tool for Drupal

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17 Feb 2023, 11:15 pm

Layout Paragraphs is a contributed Drupal module that combines drag-and-drop editing, Drupal core's layout API, and the Paragraphs module to provide an accessible, easy-to-use authoring experience. Designed to empower marketing and editorial teams everywhere, Layout Paragraphs offers a WYSIWYG interface for publishing highly visual, long-form content. 

In this session, we'll demo the capabilities of Layout Paragraphs, explain how it differs from core's Layout Builder, and show participants how to implement Layout Paragraphs in their own Drupal websites. 

Building on last year’s DrupalCon sessions in Portland and Prague, this year we’ll dig a little deeper and also cover more advanced topics including:

  • Strategies for implementing web governance with Layout Paragraphs 
  • Extending Layout Paragraphs to build an authoring experience tailored to your team’s marketing and editorial needs
  • Using Layout Paragraphs for decoupled websites and applications

Empower your marketing and editorial staff to create highly visual, long form content – without relying on outside agencies or technical staff.


  • Download and install Layout Paragraphs, along with its dependencies.
  • Configure Layout Paragraphs to support the specific types of highly visual, long-form content your organization publishes online.
  • Publish dynamic, long-form pages using Layout Paragraphs – without requiring developers or an outside agency.
  • Learn some of the more advanced capabilities of Layout Paragraphs, including strategies for managing web governance and approaches to decoupled architectures. 


This session is for two specific audiences: first, marketers or editors who publish long-form digital content; second, developers serving the needs of online publishers.


Experience publishing content with Drupal -- creating pages, using Drupal's existing WYSIWYG editor, and interacting with Drupal's admin pages.


With more than 4,500 websites reporting using the module, Layout Paragraphs is quickly growing in popularity. This session will provide important information and answer frequently asked questions about what exactly Layout Paragraphs is, how it differs from Layout Builder, and why marketers and publishers will benefit from the module.


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