NextJS in Drupal workshop (part 2)

18 Feb 2023, 7:00 am
45 min

**This is part 2 of the workshop**

Decoupling can be hard. You don't have just to worry about your application (now actually two applications) but also now you have (at least)  twice the number of services and infrastructure worries in both, production and non-production environments. How can you manage a growing list of complexities while you also keep on building new features, fixing bugs and all without losing your head? 

Welcome to Pantheon. Pantheon is not just a hosting company specialising in Drupal and WordPress. We are actually the number one webshop company, producing some of the best tools for web development that save uncountable hours of productivity for thousands of developers across the world using our platform.

So when our engineers decided to put their heads together to help with the decoupled conundrum, they came up with a solution capable of saving again hundreds of productivity hours and downtime nightmares. Stop worrying about setting up local and non-production infrastructure, hosting it in different environments, and ensuring uptime, security and a long list.

Come to this webinar to learn the easiest way to start decoupling in Drupal. Long-time Drupal architect and Software Engineer, Alex Moreno will walk you through a short 15 minutes demo while all attendees will have the opportunity to set up a new backend in Drupal, and then a new front end in NextJS, both connected and displaying the content from Drupal in our NextJS application.

But we won’t stop here. We’ll make our first change in the application and we’ll see how those changes could be reviewed in their own environment, automatically created for the PR by Pantheon infrastructure. Let me repeat that again. Automatically spin up, fully functional environments for each Pull Request created in minutes.

Did you have enough? Well, actually, we’ll see as well our own contributed solution to the community to preview content while editing Drupal before saving that content in our frontend applications.

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