The Time for Decoupled Drupal is Now

18 Feb 2023, 7:00 am
45 min

The term “Decoupled” has been buzzing around the industry for a while now and in this session, we will pull back the covers to take a look at what it really means and why you should be paying attention. We will go on a journey together to explore the decoupled Drupal landscape and share some of our experiences working with it over the last ~12 months. In this session, we will discuss why now is the time for decoupled Drupal and why organizations looking to upgrade or build a new website should consider it as an option. We will explore topics around:

  1. What is decoupled Drupal?
  2. What benefits can decoupled Drupal provide for content and marketing Teams?
  3. Why now is the right time to consider a transition?
  4. Key considerations for making a decision

By the end of this session, you should walk away with:

  1. A good understanding of decoupled Drupal and its current maturity level in the space.
  2. Why the adoption of decoupled Drupal is increasing and when it should be considered?
  3. A checklist to help you decide if decoupled is the right choice for your next website build.

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