Videos from Agency and Business Track at DrupalCon Prague 2022 Day 1

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A community of agencies and businesses find their way into DrupalCon to share ideas, discuss difficulties and offer actionable advice. The Agency and business track at Drupalcon is tailored for business owners , agency executives,  website product owners and product managers to grow in a space of knowledge, using Drupal as an effective tool to create a top tier business of high standards. Sessions in this track will be non technical focusing on topics from team diversity to project management 

Drupal Multisite from the Trenches

The session focuses on how to manage sites on a large scale. Join presenters Alex Moreni, Suzanne Dergacheva, Baddy Sonja Breidert, Nick Downton , Beatriz Martinez  and Julian Valero to discuss multisites at a big scale, how their complexity and issues are managed. Read session description

How to make 4-day weeks a practical reality in a small agency. Lessons from a year-long experiment.

Burnout is a constant problem many face in the tech industry. Some Work 9-5 and some even more, hence to keep this under check Anthony Fox-Davies and Evgeniy Maslovsky spoke on how SystemSeed reduced their work days to only 4 days a week but are more productive than ever. Their session lays down how they maintained and even increased the agency income whilst working for 20% less time each week, how to make 4-day weeks a practical reality in a small agency, what changes need to take place as a result of a 4-day week and more.

The customer is always right.... except when they are not! Building collaborative partnerships and handling conflict in digital projects.

Building relationships with clients is an essential objective for all digital agencies . The best client/ agency partnerships are built on mutual trust and respect and establishing these values early can reap dividends as the relationship matures - especially if it runs into challenges. Presenters Hannah McDermott and Will Huggins share hints and tips about how to 'embed the values of equality and integrity' ,'create a relationship that avoids blame and focuses on collaboration', 'identify and exit dysfunctional relationships' and more. Read the session description

Handling a high profile Drupal 9 site launch

Speaker Alex Johnston delivers a session on live sites and key points to keep in mind. More sites are being built in Drupal 9 now more than ever, hence there are a few steps that an agency must follow to get a new site ensuring the process is smooth for all parties as well as making things seamless to end users. This session takes a journey from weeks ahead of go live right through to post go live monitoring from both a Developer and DevOps point of view. It touches on topics from ensuring a solid service to security to making a note whether the team members are aware of all the steps and unexpected out comes. Read session description.   

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