De-jargoning Drupal: Emma Horrell Spearheads Initiative to Simplify CMS Terminology

De-jargoning Drupal: Emma Horrell Spearheads Initiative to Simplify CMS Terminology
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Promote Drupal committee member Emma Horrell has launched a comprehensive initiative to demystify Drupal's specialized language, known as "Drupalisms," to make the platform more accessible, especially to newcomers. Her efforts were highlighted in her blog post, in which she outlines the process of simplifying Drupal's technical jargon.

The initiative was born out of user research to improve the Drupal admin UI, which revealed that many community members struggle with the platform's unique terminology. To tackle this issue, Emma and a team of volunteers launched issue 3381734 to identify and clarify confusing Drupal terms. The list includes terms such as 'Node', 'Blocks', 'Structure', 'Entity', and 'Paragraphs', which are often barriers to understanding for those new to the CMS.

A significant step forward in this initiative was the Drupalisms Birds of a Feather (BoF) session at DrupalCon Lille 2023, where participants worked collaboratively to identify and simplify these terms further. This gathering underscored the importance of clear language as a facilitator of inclusivity and accessibility within the Drupal community.

In pursuit of these goals, Emma has established regular fortnightly meetings to continue refining Drupal's language. These sessions focus on diverse aspects such as mental models, expectations, users' native languages, and their prior experiences with other Content Management Systems (CMS). The initiative employs a methodical approach inspired by content design specialists and methodologies to develop a controlled vocabulary, which includes creating translations and a 'words we don't say' list to avoid potential misunderstandings.

Further extending the reach of this initiative, Emma has begun collaborating with other open-source CMS communities to develop a more consistent approach to CMS terminology. This collaborative effort is still in the early stages, but it shows promise for setting a new standard in how CMS platforms communicate their features and functions.

Community members who wish to contribute to this de-jargoning initiative are encouraged to engage through various platforms, including the Drupal Slack channel #drupalisms-working-group or by directly contacting Emma via email. This initiative aims to refine the language used in Drupal and foster a more welcoming and inclusive environment for all users, regardless of their technical background. Emma's blog post provides additional information and links to relevant resources for those interested in more details or joining the ongoing efforts.

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