Editor's Pick | Vol. 2 | Issue. 22

Closing Chapter: Reflecting on My Time with The DropTimes

Closing Chapter: Reflecting on my time with TDT

Dear Readers,

As I write my final "Editor's Pick," The DropTimes weekly newsletter, I'm filled with a bittersweet blend of gratitude and nostalgia. When I first joined The DropTimes, my understanding of Drupal was minimal, but stepping into this expansive world, I was not only educated but deeply inspired by the robust spirit of our community. Throughout my tenure, I've had the unique privilege to connect with many of you—talented individuals from across the globe, each sharing the same passion and dedication.

Over these months, The DropTimes has stood as a never-fading testimony to the vibrant and ever-evolving Drupal world, chronicling its achievements, challenges, and the incredible community that drives its success. Today, I am sharing not just another update but a personal farewell. May the coming chapters of my life lead me towards new beginnings filled with personal and professional growth.

As I close this significant chapter at The DropTimes, I want to extend my deepest gratitude to all of you—my colleagues, our readers, and the entire Drupal community—for the support, inspiration, and camaraderie. It has been a profound journey that has enriched me beyond words, and I look forward to carrying these memories and lessons with me into my future endeavours.

So, with that said, let me, for the last time, take you through the stories we covered last week.

Kazima Abbas, a sub-editor at TDT, unveils insights from two significant events. Acquia Engage London 2024, which took place from May 21 to 22, marked the first European stop of the 2024 Digital Freedom Tour. It convened digital leaders who shared their expertise, insights, and practical tips on crafting impactful customer experiences. Learn more here. The next event is Evolve Drupal Montreal 2024, organized by Evolving Web following the success of EvolveDrupal Atlanta. This upcoming summit, set for June 14, 2024, marks its return to Montreal, where it debuted in May 2023. Read about this in detail here.

A few other important updates are; Drupal has launched the IXP Fellowship Initiative survey to bolster support for inexperienced developers looking to kickstart their careers in the Drupal ecosystem. By defining core competencies and gathering community input, this initiative aims to bridge the gap between training and practical experience, ultimately nurturing new talent within the community. Participate in shaping the future of Drupal development and read more about the initiative here.

Drupal 11 is set to remove several long-standing modules, such as Actions UI, Book, and Forum, in a bid to streamline its core functionality and focus on innovation. However, users need not fret, as these features will still be accessible through contributed modules. This strategic move underscores Drupal's commitment to empowering site builders and ensuring a lean, efficient platform for ambitious digital experiences. Learn more about the changes and their implications here.

Michael Anello, on DrupalEasy, sheds light on the pressing need for fresh talent in the Drupal community, as evidenced by the concerning lack of new developers highlighted at DrupalCon Portland 2024. With only 9.1% of respondents under 30 in the 2024 Drupal Developer Survey, urgent action is needed to attract and retain young developers. Michael proposes several strategic measures to address this challenge, including modernizing Drupal's code and creating educational programs. Get involved in shaping the future of Drupal development and read more about Michael's insights here.

New dates have been announced for DrupalCon Asia 2024, which will take place in Singapore from December 09 to 11, 2024. Learn more about the three-day event here. Applications are now open for grants and scholarships to attend DrupalCon Barcelona 2024 until June 28th, 2024. The initiative, led by the Drupal Association in partnership with Kuoni Tumlare Congress, aims to promote diversity and inclusivity within the open-source community.

The Drupal Brisbane meetup is scheduled to resume on June 18, 2024. This event offers both in-person attendance at Brisbane Square Library and the option to participate online, providing an opportunity for individuals to engage in discussions surrounding Drupal and contribute to the community. Interested participants are encouraged to submit their topic suggestions, fostering an inclusive environment for collaborative discourse. A complete list of events for the week is available here.

The Technical Working Group (TWG) has scheduled a final discussion on proposed changes to Drupal's coding standards for June 5, 2024, UTC. The focus of this discussion will be the coding style for PHP Enumerations, inviting community input to refine Drupal's coding practices.

The Drupal Association has appointed Simba Ndemera as its new Chief Financial and Operations Officer, effective April 2024. With nearly three decades of experience in finance and a strong background in nonprofit accounting, Simba brings valuable expertise to his role. His dedication to community service and advancing open-source technology aligns perfectly with the organization's mission, promising a collaborative effort toward progress and inclusivity in the tech industry.

Bluechip Tech Limited, headquartered in the UK, has unveiled a new training course focusing on Drupal responsive design. Geared towards educating participants on crafting responsive and adaptive designs with Drupal and its modules, the course covers essential principles and techniques. Learn more about this new training here. Additionally, Evolving Web is offering a series of in-person Drupal training sessions next month in Montreal aimed at enhancing digital practices for teams and individuals. These full-day training sessions, scheduled for June 11 to 13, cover crucial aspects of Drupal, providing participants with expert knowledge and practical skills.

Frontkom has announced the imminent release of Drupal Gutenberg 3.0.0, promising enhanced customization options and improved support for content blocks in Drupal. This update, designed to simplify content creation with advanced style controls and user-defined patterns, aims to elevate the user experience within the Drupal ecosystem.

Introducing the Time Machine module for Drupal, crafted by Mandip Singh, offering administrators seamless site restoration capabilities to any desired point in time. With comprehensive rollback features covering content, configuration, and user data, this module ensures robust disaster recovery and facilitates safe experimentation. Read more about this new module here.

The Drupal Association has issued an update on its Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) Pledge for 2024, reaffirming Drupal's commitment to accessibility standards. Led by Mike Gifford, the Drupal accessibility maintainers are actively working to align with WCAG 2.2 AA standards, aiming for inclusivity across the platform. With ongoing efforts to address accessibility issues and promote community involvement, Drupal continues its mission to ensure accessibility for all users.

We acknowledge that there are more stories to share. However, due to selection constraints, we must pause further exploration for now.

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For the Last Time,
Elma John
Sub-editor, The DropTimes.