TheDropTimes Featured in the Talking Drupal Podcast

We got featured in the Talking Drupal podcast! Yeah, you heard it right. The previous episode of Talking Drupal was a conversion on TheDropTimes (TDT)

Talking Drupal's latest episode #384 -The Drop Times, was released on 30 January 2023. Talking Drupal is a podcast where they engage in Drupal discussions and web development. 

In this episode, co-hosts Nic Laflin and John Picozzi and guest host Katherine Druckman conversed with Anoop John, founder of TDT. Anoop is also the founder and CTO of Zyxware Technologies, one of the oldest Drupal firms in the world.

Anoop spoke about his early days when he worked on the ground as a footsoldier for Free Software evangelism and how he discovered Drupal as the technology around which he should build his company. He then went on to explain the mission and vision of TheDropTimes.

There is an audio and well as video version of the podcast. 

Anoop explains that TheDropTimes

is a news website that is focused almost exclusively on Drupal news, news from the Drupal community, news about the contributors, organizations and especially events that are happening in the community.

He further goes on to explain that,

The site was founded with a vision to be part of an initiative to help celebrate Drupal, within and also outside the community, using news as the medium to build and grow Drupal and everything around it.

The topics discussed in this podcast were how TDT sources our content, the people behind the media, its mission and contribution, and how the Drupal community can lend a helping hand.

Promoting and sharing is a big way we can get some help from the community. I would love to talk to people who are excited about the possibility of putting in effort towards something like this at scale.

The Talking Drupal Podcasts also discussed the module of the week. Martin Anderson-Clutz, a Senior Solutions Engineer at Acquia and module maintainer, joined to discuss the selected module of the week; a content planner module that helps you create, plan and manage content. It offers a dashboard, a content calendar, and a to-do list. This module was originally released in September 2018.

Anoop John conveys his appreciation and gratitude towards The Talking Drupal Podcast

I am thankful to the Talking Drupal podcast hosts for the opportunity to share the vision about The Drop Times with the Drupal community. The conversation was fun and interesting. Also given that the hosts themselves are very active contributors to the Drupal community it was very easy to into an involved discussion about the Drupal community and the need to organize ourselves better

Anoop's Message to the Drupal Community

We should lend each other a helping hand in promoting and widening the reach of all the marketing messaging happening within the community. If we all work closer with each other we will be able to amplify our voices much better and help strengthen our community and also help bring more new contributors and clients to the community.

Note: The vision of this web portal is to help promote news and stories around the Drupal community and promote and celebrate the people and organizations in the community. We strive to create and distribute our content based on these content policy. If you see any omission/variation on this please let us know in the comments below and we will try to address the issue as best we can.

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