5 YouTube Videos to Start with Drupal

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Are you starting a business with Drupal as a CMS? There are several reasons why Drupal is a fan favorite. But don't be concerned about the rabbit hole. Learning about Drupal is as easy as ABC. We all know how important the alphabet is in the English language.

Here are a few videos to assist you in narrowing down your Drupal search and getting just enough information to help you learn more about Drupal.

What is Drupal?

OPIN  is a prominent digital firm that provides strategic consulting, creative design, and software development using Open Innovation, embracing cooperation and openness in a complicated environment. They have a Youtube channel where they upload videos, tutorials, Drupal-related content, and design. 

"Why Drupal is the Best CMS for Your Website" explains 6 reasons why you would love Drupal. If you are still in two minds or are hoping to get an introduction to Drupal, click on the video below. 

Installing Drupal for the First Time

Tutorials Point is a leading EdTech firm committed to offering learners high-quality online education. Tutorialspoint provides the most recent learning resources on both technical and non-technical topics. 

Tutorials point "Drupal Installation" youtube video published in 2018 lays out a step to step demonstration of how you as a user can install Drupal to create your websites.


There is also a featured playlist of more than 40 videos in Drupal Training.

Drupal Training.
Drupal Online Training- Tutorials Point


Building Drupal Websites

There are a ton of Drupal Building websites that will assist you in the basics and technicalities of Drupal designing. So here is a handpicked youtube video, a Live Demo: How to Create a Winning Website with Drupal Best Practices Drupal. The video was presented at Drupal Camp Asheville 2017 by Mark Shropshire. Drupal Camp Asheville is an annual conference focusing on hands-on training, community contribution, and knowledge sharing for all levels of Drupal experience.


Companies that Work With Drupal

Von R. Eaton, Director of Programmes at Drupal Association,addressed a large gathering of women professionals attending the 5th edition of the International Centre for Free and Open Source Software (ICFOSS) Back to Work or Women programme on March 17, 2023. In this presentation, he introduced the Drupal Association, the activities involved, and the Job opportunities of Drupal.

Von also presented the companies that Drupal is integrated with and some enterprise companies that use Drupal, like NBC Sports and DHL. 

 Von Eaton | Back To Work for Women 

Why is Drupal the Platform for your Business

Drupal helps you to create a flexible Interface Platform for your company while maintaining complete control over all aspects. Dropsolid is a Digital Experience Agency with special competence in creating impactful digital experiences. For us, connecting always comes first. Watch the 

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