Editor's Pick | Vol. 1 | Issue. 7

Practice Makes Perfect

A man diving into a swimming pool

Get your feets wet! 

If you are a good swimmer, you would remember, in the beginning, how difficult it was to practice bubbling: the art of releasing air bubbles little by little and prolonging the time underwater without surfacing like a bloated balloon and not letting water in your nostrils, picking up a coin or a ring from the bottom of the pool in one quick motion. 

At least a few times, water would have gotten into your nasal channel, and you felt that chill in your head. And then suddenly, the trainer would say to float, holding your breath without bubbling, start kicking while holding your head down and hands straight, start exhaling while kicking, and turn your head to take a breath, then fashion your arms to have maximum thrust. Some cardio exercises might be recommended so that your lung capacity increases. 

These are all exercises to make you a natural swimmer, utilizing buoyancy and minimal friction against the current. But now, when you swim, you swim. You don't particularly remember bubbling, turning your head to inhale, or keeping your upper body motionless while utilizing your legs alone to push and hands to pull. 

The above is true about each thing that we master. It is the baby steps that matter. And once you are thorough, it comes naturally to you. To reach that level need patience and practice. 

DrupalCamp NJ and NERD Summit are around the corner. Local DUGs have announced several meetups. Drupal organizations have started training sessions. Now is the right time to get to practice, to immerse oneself in the pool of Drupal. 

The best story we published last week was the interview with DrupalCamp NJ speaker John Jameson. He speaks in detail about digital accessibility

Drupal Netherlands has announced DrupalJam 2023: Connected on June 01, 2023, at De Fabrique in Utrecht. 

DrupalCamp Asheville has called for training sessions, and you have time until March 28 to submit the topics for the July 7 event. With their neurodiversity initiative, you have multiple options to present your sessions. DrupalCamp Asheville has also requested help to organize the camp remotely. The DrupalCamp NJ schedule is live now. The DrupalSouth paper submission deadline was today and might have ended already. 

Meanwhile, Drupal Brisbane's March 02 event got canceled, although Melbourne Drupal Meetup scheduled for March 08 is on track. DrupalCon Pittsburgh Trivia Night was seeking sponsors. DrupalCon Lille has called for volunteers

Last Thursday, AmyJune Hineline presented a workshop, "Beyond 99 Red Balloons: A Guide to Alternative Text," at Women Who Code's Connect Empower event. On March 15, 12 pm ET, she will present a webinar for Design4Drupal Boston about Accessible Presentations. 

Drupal Bangalore will hold a Meetup on March 18, 2023. Drupal Pune had a meetup on March 3, 2023. Central NJ Web Developers are holding a meetup on March 10, 2023. 

We did a sneak peek into Axelerant's guide on accessibility compliance acts and standards. Another blog post we went through was a bit dated by Hounder.co about the need to migrate Drupal 7 sites to the newest version. Acquia Digital Freedom Tour is coming to New York as part of Acquia Engage on March 21, 2023. On March 23, they will promote Aquia DAM (Widen) in Los Angeles. Evolving Web has announced training for developers on Drupal Development Workflows from April 03 to April 05, 2023. A11yTalks will discuss the next generation of automated testing tomorrow (March 7). 

That is for this week. Thank you. 

Sebin A. Jacob