Editor's Pick | Vol. 1 | Issue. 18

A Traveler's Mindset

22 May 2023

Each day in our life comes packed with different challenges. These challenges can sometimes be exciting and bring about a happy ending. But most of the time, challenges get coupled with difficulties. Difficulties in turn can get us stressed and even burn us out. As individuals, it is very important to convince ourselves that there seldom comes a day without a hurdle to cross. When we have such a prior understanding, challenges will fail to shock us.

I would like to put it another way. Just think about the last travel experience you had and try to remember the challenges faced. While traveling, there isn't much time available to solve a problem. We never wait for others to act first, instead we promptly go forward and find an alternative solution. A traveler is ready to seek advice from knowledgeable people without any inhibitions. Such a mindset helps to overcome any challenges on the road or anywhere. Because we know we will be stuck very badly if we do not find a solution. 

Life itself, in essence, is a journey. Nothing can help us better than to have a traveler's mindset. Now, let us journey through the important picks from the past week.

The Drop Times interviewed Margery Tongway on the sidelines of DrupalSouth. Margery Tongway is a Senior Consultant at Annex. Click here to read the interview. Read TDT's report on DrupalSouth Wellington 2023, where the Drupal community celebrated expertise and honored achievements.

A blog post published on gbyte.dev provides a detailed guide on hosting a Drupal 9 or 10 website using NixOS. In a blog titled "Disabling Twig Caching Made Simpler," Mike Herchel writes on how to disable Twig caching. Kanopi Studios has published an article explaining the benefits of a great website design. Srijan has published a new blog post on how to install Drupal 10 using Colima and DDEV on MacBook.

 An article published by StyleLib explains how Facdori theme is designed to provide a professional and modern look for industrial and manufacturing businesses. A new blog post published by Acquia discusses the capabilities and advantages of using Drupal content management system (CMS), for building e-commerce websites. A blog post published by Evolving Web explores Drupal 10 and its integration with Symfony 6.2 framework. the new PHP framework brings significant enhancements to the Drupal tech stack. 

Pantheon has introduced a new direct purchase path that allows web teams to access valuable WebOps features with ease. Follow this link to know more. See how developers can enhance the flexibility and extensibility of their Drupal-powered websites by integrating Symfony Components and Twig into Drupal Core. Selecting the right e-commerce platform can be challenging. Two popular options, Drupal Commerce and BigCommerce, stand out as top choices for businesses of all sizes. LN Webworks have published a blog post comparing both the options.

 Evolve Drupal is scheduled on  in Montreal, Canada. This will be an in-person event. Click here to read more. The Drupal Bangalore User Group (D-BUG) will hold its monthly event on Saturday, 27 May, 2023. The event,  will be held at Valuebound's headquarters.


That is all for the week,
Your's truly,
Thomas Alias K, 
Sub-Editor, TheDropTimes